07 January 2020

A Moment to Pause

Just by thinking quietly and carefully, some profound and delicious answers may reveal themselves in unexpected ways.

All that is required is a moment to pause from the pursuit of other goals.

What do you believe it means to think quietly?

What do you believe it means to think carefully?

How do you know when you have discovered a profound answer to an important question?

03 January 2020

Timelessly Important Questions

What sort of person do you consider yourself to be?

Are you interested in answering timelessly important questions? 

If so, I hope you will find something worth tasting as you sample the contents of this philosophical blog this year.

Do you usually think about blogs as though they are picnic baskets?

Do you think of social media in that way?

I am yet to find anyone who asks the questions I do, as I do.

How do you ask timelessly important questions, and why?

What do you believe those questions to be?

29 December 2019


How have you been thinking about hope this year?

My writings may help (hopefully) to establish some productive and peaceful neural pathways in people's brains.

Do you want to learn more about my hopes for the future?

I hope you find this blog to be a refreshing place to visit on your philosophical adventures.

I also hope you might like to think about how considerate democracy, my main topic of interest, might be studied, developed, promoted, implemented and sustained.

What did you hope for the world ten years ago?

What do you hope for the world ten years from now?

12 December 2019

Success Through Reviews

What are the requirements for a review process to be a success when put into practice?

What does it mean to be a good reviewer rather than a mere practitioner of promotion?

What is real success?

What is fake success?

Have you ever been taught how to be good at reviewing something?

What do you believe to be the purpose of reviews?

How and when do you review ideas?

06 December 2019

Ordinary People Revisited

Do you consider yourself to be "ordinary"?

How do you define the meaning of "ordinary" in relation to people?

Why is it important to ask such questions?

Who should attempt to answer them?

How can "ordinary" people be involved in developing the theory and practice of considerate democracy?

Even if you think you have a very ordinary point of view, you are welcome to leave a few comments here.  Someone on a philosophical journey may find your ideas of interest, and perhaps even useful.

How do you seek out the views of ordinary people and extraordinary people, and why?

15 November 2019

The Best Answers

Who might have the best answers to philosophical questions?

Who might have the best questions?

I am not very good at promoting my own ideas.  I do not have the temperament or inclination to persuade people that what I have to offer is a worthwhile investment of their time and/or money.

What do you believe to be the main differences between value and persuasion?

I doubt that I will ever be an effective salesperson.  I prefer to invite people to form their own opinions and make their own choices.

12 November 2019

The Value of Definitions

Do definitions have value?

How do you place value on ideas?

All definitions are ideas.

Do you think it is quite important to be aware of what an ideal society should be like, in your own imagination - and in reality?

17 October 2019


What is humanitarianism? 

How does the idea of humanitarianism apply in domestic situations, in workplaces, neighbourhoods and when travelling?

How do you identify urgent needs?

Many problems may more easily be solved when we know which questions to ask and answer.

What, for example, is popular government?

How do you explore big questions?