16 February 2009

Travelling at the Speed of Life

A few years ago, I wrote a little book.  It expresses the essence of my views about life and thought.  Its title is Travelling at the Speed of Life: The philosophical journey.

I published the book as a limited first edition paperback, hoping that by circulating just a few copies, a momentum may develop among the readers who have found some value within its pages.

Perhaps most people are too busy to bother reflecting on what I, or even they themselves, have to say. 

It is easy to request a copy of my book through your local library or bookshop, wherever you may be in the world, as I hold the global publishing and distribution rights.  Just quote the ISBN13 number, which is 9780975186503.

Have you visited the website I have developed? If not, you will find that much of its content expands on the ideas expressed in the book.

Have you ever considered what it means to go travelling at the speed of life, 
or even just to be travelling at the speed of life?

Why do you think as you do?

Are you a philosophical traveller?

How do your views differ from mine?

Would you like to express a point of view here?