28 May 2009

Awakening Awareness

What do you believe it means to be a well educated person?

I would be interested to know if you agree or disagree with Ivan Illich's 1971 assessment, in Celebration of Awareness, that education should be about:

...the awakening awareness of new levels of human potential and the use of one's creative powers to foster human life.

How might this blog help to deepen people's awareness and creativity?

25 May 2009

A Perfect Society

What is your vision of a perfect society?

Is it a considerate and democratic one?

How would your perfect society differ from the real one that exists today where you are living?

My perfect society would be a considerate, democratic one.

22 May 2009

Your Assistance

I am always looking for people who can help me to improve my thinking, especially if they do not expect to receive a fee in return.

20 May 2009

Reflecting on Words

You may like to reflect on the words I have presented as interests in my blogger profile.

Which of those words and phrases are easy to understand?

Which ones are most likely to be the subject of confusion?

12 May 2009

Philosophical Refreshments

If you have been here before, you may have noticed that I have changed its colour scheme again. I also tend to change the presentation of the website quite frequently, mainly to provide a continually stimulating yet relaxing environment for regular visitors.

Since starting this blog, I have changed its title a few times, and even its web address. I have changed my profile name a few times too.

I've also started a few other blogs for the exclusive perusal of the thinking, caring, interesting people who participate in the fee-free friendly online club for readers of my book, Travelling at the Speed of Life.

08 May 2009

The Considerate Democracy Movement

People frequently ask me if they can join the considerate democracy movement. I often wonder why they ask as there is nothing to join in a formal way.  There is no permission to seek.

Everyone can be part of a considerate and democratic approach to social life, just by living in the world in that way. All I do is provide some indirect guidance.

The questions in previous blog posts, and in the website, provide a reflective basis for thinking about considerate democracy.

The "considerate democracy movement" happens informally, in everyday conversations, thoughtful interactions, pleasant exchanges, quiet times for reflection, and through an awareness of our own policies and practices.

I especially look forward to hearing about your experiences of considerate democracy!

05 May 2009

The Effects of Philosophy

Does philosophy have a positive, negative or neutral effect on human society?

01 May 2009

The Antennae of their Time

In 1979, in The Music of Man, Yehudi Menhuin wrote:

Artists have always been the antennae of their time, sensing growth and change, grasping a mood, even when working alone, whereas the majority is propelled by habit.

Do you agree?