23 June 2009

Money, Politics, Power and Peace

What needs to change so that the misuse of power has less influence in politics?

18 June 2009

The Future of Knowledge

What does the word "knowledge" mean to you?

Since beginning this blog, I have included a few of my favourite quotes about books.

Today, I have decided to place the quotes here:

(The) chief glory of every people arises from its authors
Samuel Johnson

In Books lies the Soul of the whole Past Time
Thomas Carlyle

Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations
Henry David Thoreau

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15 June 2009


What is compassion?

10 June 2009

In Tune with Now

To take your philosophical adventure onto another, more advanced level, there is the challenging step of contacting government departments, local councils, universities, colleges, book shops, libraries and all sorts of other places.

You may like to find out, where appropriate, whether various organisations:

  • incorporate ideas about considerate democracy into their policies and organisational structure
  • provide training courses about considerate democracy
  • sell or loan books about considerate democracy

Perhaps the most challenging part of philosophical adventures is that we can be asked to provide definitions of what we mean.

08 June 2009

True Wealth

What is prosperity?

05 June 2009

A Good Book Title

The working title for my next book is How to Find the Right Publisher for a Book about Considerate Democracy. Perhaps that should be its subtitle. What do you think?

Your point of view is especially welcome if you are a book publisher.

01 June 2009


Are the characteristics that lead to inner peace the same as those leading to world peace?

What does inner peace mean to you?