24 December 2010

Humanity Media Awards 2010

Winners of the 2010 Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy - sponsored by camaggi.com - have just been announced.

Discover more at Considerate Awareness Magazine.

18 December 2010

A Considerate Democracy Blog

Would you like to visit a blog that is purely devoted to the topic of considerate democracy?

I've started one today!

Considerate Democracy

Take a look.  I hope you'll find it interesting.

18 November 2010

Elections and Awareness

What has been the most significant example of considerate awareness you have witnessed or experienced in an election campaign?

24 August 2010


If some of the greatest philosophy can be found in poetry, what is the wisdom you have found there?

05 August 2010

Finding Understanding

Where have you found understanding on your philosophical travels?

Humanity Media Awards

Who would you nominate for a Humanity Media Award for Considerate Democracy?

Considerate Democracy

Do you have any thoughts on the topic of considerate democracy? If so, please leave a comment.

For example, do you believe there is a relationship between considerate democracy and having a true sense of humanity?

What do you think it means to be considerately aware, and considerately democratic?

03 August 2010

A Global Phenomenon

Is considerate awareness a global phenomenon?

The Future of Books

You are invited to respond to my ponderings on the future of books.  Have you explored the section of Considerate Awareness Magazine on this subject?

27 July 2010

Hyperreality, Pseudo-events and the Future of Awareness - Part One

Does authenticity have an important purpose?  Does reality have any meaning?  These are questions I have been exploring in relation to social media.

Some of my recent blog posts have mentioned my Twitter experiments.  One of these experiments involves the categorization of "followers".  Before I began, I did not know who any of the followers might be or how I would categorize them.

25 July 2010

Resources for Thinking Well

My observations of social media appear to indicate that opinions often take precedence over wisdom.  Considerate Awareness Magazine and A Picnic in True Freedom are intended for people with more interest in wisdom than opinion. 

Where do you find wisdom online?

22 July 2010

The Art of a Good Mind

You may be aware that there is currently a federal election campaign happening in Australia.  I would be interested to know about examples of considerate awareness that you have discovered in election promises of various candidates, wherever you are in the world, in any election.

Perhaps it has been your observation that journalists, politicians and would-be politicians appear to be mainly excited by power and influence than good policy.  You may even believe that considerate democracy does not need politicians at all.

During an election campaign, what do you think it means to think well?

18 July 2010


Is it usually more important to have questions than answers?


I am interested in why people think and act as they do, and why they use particular verbs and adjectives to describe events and experiences.  This especially applies when considering the way journalists and politicians communicate with the public, and with each other.


Is honesty more about truth than trust, or vice versa?

News and Peace

Which is more important:  The future of news or the future of peace?

Being Considerate

Under what circumstances may it be possible to be both considerate and wasteful?


Why is it important to recognise that reflection is not a competitive pursuit?

A Successful Society

Can a successful society be accurately define and measured?

Past and Future

Do most contemporary philosophers discuss the past rather than the future?

13 July 2010

New Media and Social Media

Over the past couple of months, I have been researching the topics of new media and social media.  An experiment has taken place on this blog, too.  Have you noticed it?

07 July 2010


I hope you have the courage to explore and reflect upon this blog in an informed way.  Perhaps you may discover more about your inner and outer worlds in the process.


How philosophical, ideological, dogmatic, erratic, wise or otherwise, are your ideas?


Is understanding beyond the limits of certainty?

Philosophical adventures

What has been your most interesting philosophical adventure?


How do you relate to uncertainty?


How do you relate to absurdity?


Should dignity ever have a price?

Good Policy

Does good policy require good questions?

Ideas of Quality

Are most good thoughts deep ones too?

Influence and Insight

Is it more important to be influential or insightful?


I like to publish interesting responses to my blog posts.  How would you define an interesting point of view?


How do you know something instinctively?  Is it really just a culturally conditioned response?

06 July 2010

Good Thinking

Is good thinking more about philosophy, psychology or health?

Good Questions

How do you tell when a question is good?

Open Minds

How do you recognise an open mind?


Do true friends often discuss philosophical issues?


What does philosophy mean to you?

Thinking Well

What does it mean to think well?

02 July 2010

About Philosophy

Why is philosophy important?

Important Questions

What are the most important philosophical questions and who should answer them?

Useful Answers

Who are the philosophers (if any) who have provided the most useful answers to your questions?

Philosophical Questions

Which philosophical questions do you find the most challenging, and why?

29 June 2010

Another Level

If you know why the title of this blog is now A Picnic in True Freedom, why not take your philosophical adventures to another level?

You might enjoy exploring my four other blogs. None of those is linked to this one, however, and each requires a password. You will find that each of the more exclusive blogs has been designed specifically for particular types of clients of my independent training and consultancy services.

You can find out more about my work by visiting the website of Considerate Awareness Magazine.

The magazine offers a wide range of invitations and opportunities, for all sorts of thoughtful people, not just those who use my services.  

Adventures for Philosophical Travellers

Adventures always involve risk.  Philosophical adventures mainly involve the risk that our perceptions of certainty may disappear.

27 June 2010

Online Social Networking

I have avoided using online social networking until now because I already have a very busy life.  However, over the past month I have set up two twitter accounts.

Time to Think

I wonder if I have offered enough questions here to keep your mind occupied for a while.

A Democratic Society

How should ideas be explored and communicated in a democratic society?

Important Ideas

What are the important ideas that are usually ignored?

25 June 2010


Do most journalists experience representative democracy as a spectator sport?

Knowledge and Opinion

Are opinions more about emotions than knowledge?

22 June 2010

A Few Moments

Do you think it is worthwhile to pause for a few moments, to reflect on your own philosophical ideas, as you answer the questions posed in this blog?

Aspects of Existence

Do you have a genuine, heartfelt appreciation of a few aspects of existence? How do you know if your answer is true?

Expressing yourself

How do you express yourself in sensitively critical, compassionate and creative ways, perhaps even simultaneously?

10 June 2010

The Language of Democracy

What is the language of democracy?

How do you express it?

09 June 2010


How do you apply a considerate understanding of ecology in your daily life?

08 June 2010

International Essay Competition

Could you write an insightful, concise essay about considerate democracy?

If so, you might like to participate in the annual writing competition I sponsor.

Nature or Culture

Is natural beauty or cultural beauty most ephemeral?

06 June 2010

Resources for Improving the World

Perhaps the world can be improved with the use of the right resources.

05 June 2010

Popular Government

In 1904, Leonard T Hobhouse wrote in Democracy and Reaction:

Is it that the Democratic State, the special creation of the modern world, and the pivot of the humanitarian movement, has itself become an obstruction to progress? Does popular government, with the influence which it gives to the Press and the platform, necessarily entail a blunting of moral responsibility, a cheapening and vulgarisation of national ideals, an extended scope for canting rhetoric and poor sophistry as a cover for the realities of the brutal rule of wealth?

How relevant are the above questions today?

04 June 2010

Democracy Without Ideology

Do you believe it is possible to have democracy without ideology?

Why is it important to ask such questions?

Who should attempt to answer them?

02 June 2010

The Global Conversation

Since beginning this blog, I have been attempting to ask and answer questions of relevance to the global conversation about considerate democracy and the meaning of humanity.

30 May 2010

Literacy and Understanding

Those of us who have the ability to read are at a tremendous advantage over those who struggle to understand written words.

Whatever language we speak, as long as we can access written information in that language, we gain benefits.

Fact or Fiction

Is philosophy fact or fiction, or does it sit somewhere in between?

29 May 2010

What Is Philosophy?

How do you distinguish between philosophy, science, ideology, religion, politics and spirituality?

Why is it important to make those distinctions?

27 May 2010

True Freedom

What is true freedom and how does it relate to considerate democracy?

Is true freedom about travelling at the speed of life?

Is it about having the right to travel at the speed of life?


What are your boundaries? What do you do when they are crossed?

26 May 2010

Inner Beauty and Reality

What is inner beauty?  Is it real?

10 May 2010

Investing Your Time

How do you decide whether or not you are making a good investment of your time?

The Value of Your Time

If you are contributing to considerate awareness on your own philosophical journey through life, how might this blog assist your reflections and activities?

01 May 2010


What are the most important problems to solve in the world?

15 March 2010

Social Networks and Philosophy

Do you ask philosophical questions within your social networks?  If so, you may like to include some of the questions asked in this blog.

Please feel free to tell me about the responses you receive.

09 March 2010


Is history the most useful source of understanding?

03 March 2010

Online Upgrades

If you have tried to read Considerate Awareness Magazine online recently, you may have experienced a few difficulties as its digital systems are currently being upgraded.

You may also have experienced a few problems sending me emails.

A new and improved service is on its way...

07 February 2010

Coping With Challenges

In today's world, we can often feel overloaded with information, and problems, and things to do.  Our minds can feel cluttered and confused, bombarded with sensory stimuli and fraught with the stresses of a challenging schedule.

I attempt to cope by finding a quiet and restful space, in both the outer world and inner one.

How do you cope?

02 February 2010

The Landscape of Peace

What shape is the landscape of peace?  This question is important to answer because we cannot draw the map of the territory without recognising and understanding the landscape and its features.

30 January 2010

Preventing Cruelty

The primary goal of a good society (including a good government) is to prevent cruelty.

Is the above statement true?

13 January 2010

A Place for Books

One of the most challenging tasks for a book publisher is to distribute the product.  It is often expensive to move paper from one place to another, whether printed or not.  It is also expensive to promote books and encourage librarians, booksellers, gift givers and potential readers to buy copies.  There is probably nothing new about this.

But what sorts of physical books do we still need in this digital age?

09 January 2010


A wise person goes on journeys to gain understanding.

What do you hope to understand better while on a journey?

07 January 2010

The Ethics of Consideration

You may find my questions difficult to answer.  Perhaps you feel that your answers are too private and personal to share here.

I hope that you may have some ideas on how I, as a very private person myself, may improve access to knowledge about a culture of consideration, and especially about considerate democracy.

06 January 2010

From Philosophy to Spirituality

How do you know when your philosophical travels reach a spiritual ascent?

05 January 2010

Developing Awareness

How might your mind become more aware of its own development through time?