30 January 2010

Preventing Cruelty

The primary goal of a good society (including a good government) is to prevent cruelty.

Is the above statement true?

13 January 2010

A Place for Books

One of the most challenging tasks for a book publisher is to distribute the product.  It is often expensive to move paper from one place to another, whether printed or not.  It is also expensive to promote books and encourage librarians, booksellers, gift givers and potential readers to buy copies.  There is probably nothing new about this.

But what sorts of physical books do we still need in this digital age?

09 January 2010


A wise person goes on journeys to gain understanding.

What do you hope to understand better while on a journey?

07 January 2010

The Ethics of Consideration

You can participate in my work just by leaving comments here.  You may like to answer the questions I pose, give an opinion, suggest further possibilities for research, offer some mentoring, give examples, or communicate about anything else that is appropriately considerate.

You may find these questions difficult to answer.  Perhaps you feel that your answers are too private and personal to share here.

I hope, though, that you may have some ideas on how I, as a very private person myself, may improve access to knowledge about a culture of consideration, and especially about considerate democracy.

06 January 2010

From Philosophy to Spirituality

How do you know when your philosophical travels reach a spiritual ascent?

05 January 2010

Developing Awareness

How might your mind become more aware of its own development through time?