30 May 2010

Literacy and Understanding

Imagine you were looking at this screen and nothing here made any sense to you.  (Perhaps you think that nothing in this blog makes sense, anyway!)

You can probably follow written instructions, especially if they are in clear, simple language. You may even have the ability to compare different points of view from many different generations and cultures, just by reading words.  Perhaps a few of those ideas have been translated from other languages.

How do you celebrate your ability to read and write? How might you provide assistance to those (especially adults) who do not have that ability?

Why is literacy important?

Fact or Fiction

Is philosophy fact or fiction, or does it sit somewhere in between?

29 May 2010

What Is Philosophy?

How do you distinguish between philosophy, science, ideology, religion, politics and spirituality?

Why is it important to make those distinctions?

27 May 2010

True Freedom

Is true freedom about travelling at the speed of life?

Is it about having the right to travel at the speed of life?


What are your boundaries? What do you do when they are crossed?

26 May 2010

Inner Beauty and Reality

What is inner beauty?  Is it real?

10 May 2010

Investing Your Time

How do you decide whether or not you are making a good investment of your time?

The Value of Your Time

If you are contributing to considerate awareness on your own philosophical journey through life, how might this blog assist your reflections and activities?

01 May 2010


What are the most important problems to solve in the world?