29 June 2010

Another Level

If you know why the title of this blog is now A Picnic in True Freedom, why not take your philosophical adventures to another level?

You might enjoy exploring my other blogs. None of those is linked to this one, however, and each requires a password. You will find that each of the more exclusive blogs has been designed specifically for particular types of clients of my independent training and consultancy services.

You can find out more about my work by visiting the website of Considerate Awareness Magazine.

The magazine offers a wide range of invitations and opportunities, for all sorts of thoughtful people, not just those who use my services.  

Adventures for Philosophical Travellers

Adventures always involve risk. 

I'm very interested in your answers to a few of the challenging questions I have encountered as a philosophical traveller. You are therefore cordially invited to express your thoughts about any, or all, of my blog posts.

Until today, this blog was entitled Adventures for Philosophical Travellers.   The subtitle was "Mapping the territory of a peaceful, prosperous world through considerate awareness".  If you have visited this blog before, you may have noticed quite a few changes here recently.

I hope you will enjoy your own ongoing philosophical adventures, too.  What does being a philosophical traveller mean to you?

27 June 2010

Online Social Networking

I have avoided using online social networking until now because I already have a very busy life.  However, over the past month I have set up two twitter accounts.

Time to Think

I wonder if I have offered enough questions here to keep your mind occupied for a while.

The moral task, though, is to act as well as think.  The creative task is to work out how to do so.

My actions include writing this blog and inviting your comments.

Do you think my next question should be: What happens next?

A Democratic Society

How should ideas be explored and communicated in a democratic society?

Important Ideas

What are the important ideas that are usually ignored?

25 June 2010


Do most journalists experience representative democracy as a spectator sport?

Knowledge and Opinion

Are opinions more about emotions than knowledge?

22 June 2010

A Few Moments

Do you think it is worthwhile to pause for a few moments, to reflect on your own philosophical ideas, as you answer the questions posed in this blog?

Aspects of Existence

Do you have a genuine, heartfelt appreciation of a few aspects of existence?

Expressing yourself

How do you express yourself in sensitively critical, compassionate and creative ways, perhaps even simultaneously?

10 June 2010

The Language of Democracy

What is the language of democracy?

How do you express it?

09 June 2010


How do you apply a considerate understanding of ecology in your daily life?

08 June 2010

International Essay Competition

Could you write an insightful, concise essay about considerate democracy?

If so, you might like to participate in the annual writing competition I sponsor.

Nature or Culture

Is natural beauty or cultural beauty most ephemeral?

06 June 2010

Resources for Improving the World

Perhaps the world can be improved with the use of the right resources.

05 June 2010

Popular Government

In 1904, Leonard T Hobhouse wrote in Democracy and Reaction:

Is it that the Democratic State, the special creation of the modern world, and the pivot of the humanitarian movement, has itself become an obstruction to progress? Does popular government, with the influence which it gives to the Press and the platform, necessarily entail a blunting of moral responsibility, a cheapening and vulgarisation of national ideals, an extended scope for canting rhetoric and poor sophistry as a cover for the realities of the brutal rule of wealth?

How relevant are the above questions today?

04 June 2010

Democracy Without Ideology

Do you believe it is possible to have democracy without ideology?

02 June 2010

The Global Conversation

Since beginning this blog, I have been attempting to ask and answer questions of relevance to the global conversation about considerate democracy and the meaning of humanity.

I have been a regular participant in the conversation since early 2003.

If you have not yet had the chance, you are most welcome to participate in the conversation, too.  It's easy!