27 July 2010

Hyperreality, Pseudo-events and the Future of Awareness - Part One

Does authenticity have an important purpose?  Does reality have any meaning?  These are questions I have been exploring in relation to social media.

Some of my recent blog posts have mentioned my Twitter experiments.  One of these experiments involves the categorization of "followers".  Before I began, I did not know who any of the followers might be or how I would categorize them.

25 July 2010

Resources for Thinking Well

My observations of social media appear to indicate that opinions often take precedence over wisdom.  Considerate Awareness Magazine and A Picnic in True Freedom are intended for people with more interest in wisdom than opinion. 

Where do you find wisdom online?

22 July 2010

The Art of a Good Mind

You may be aware that there is currently a federal election campaign happening in Australia.  I would be interested to know about examples of considerate awareness that you have discovered in election promises of various candidates, wherever you are in the world, in any election.

Perhaps it has been your observation that journalists, politicians and would-be politicians appear to be mainly excited by power and influence than good policy.  You may even believe that considerate democracy does not need politicians at all.

During an election campaign, what do you think it means to think well?

18 July 2010


Is it usually more important to have questions than answers?


I am interested in why people think and act as they do, and why they use particular verbs and adjectives to describe events and experiences.  This especially applies when considering the way journalists and politicians communicate with the public, and with each other.


Is honesty more about truth than trust, or vice versa?

News and Peace

Which is more important:  The future of news or the future of peace?

Being Considerate

Under what circumstances may it be possible to be both considerate and wasteful?


Why is it important to recognise that reflection is not a competitive pursuit?

A Successful Society

Can a successful society be accurately define and measured?

Past and Future

Do most contemporary philosophers discuss the past rather than the future?

13 July 2010

New Media and Social Media

Over the past couple of months, I have been researching the topics of new media and social media.  An experiment has taken place on this blog, too.  Have you noticed it?

07 July 2010


I hope you have the courage to explore and reflect upon this blog in an informed way.  Perhaps you may discover more about your inner and outer worlds in the process.


How philosophical, ideological, dogmatic, erratic, wise or otherwise, are your ideas?


Is understanding beyond the limits of certainty?

Philosophical adventures

What has been your most interesting philosophical adventure?


How do you relate to uncertainty?


How do you relate to absurdity?


Should dignity ever have a price?

Good Policy

Does good policy require good questions?

Ideas of Quality

Are most good thoughts deep ones too?

Influence and Insight

Is it more important to be influential or insightful?


I like to publish interesting responses to my blog posts.  How would you define an interesting point of view?


How do you know something instinctively?  Is it really just a culturally conditioned response?

06 July 2010

Good Thinking

Is good thinking more about philosophy, psychology or health?

Good Questions

How do you tell when a question is good?

Open Minds

How do you recognise an open mind?


Do true friends often discuss philosophical issues?


What does philosophy mean to you?

Thinking Well

What does it mean to think well?

02 July 2010

About Philosophy

Why is philosophy important?

Important Questions

What are the most important philosophical questions and who should answer them?

Useful Answers

Who are the philosophers (if any) who have provided the most useful answers to your questions?

Philosophical Questions

Which philosophical questions do you find the most challenging, and why?