09 September 2011

Hyperreality, Pseudo-events and the Future of Awareness - Part Two

If you are new to this blog, or have not been here for a while, I suggest reading part one of this series before going further.  Today I will be exploring the idea of reality being a real-time event.

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging much recently.  Nor have I updated Considerate Awareness Magazine's website since earlier this year.  I have not even visited my Twitter feed for some time.

My interest in reality is quite useful in daily life.  I find it far more useful than fantasy, although you may wish to disagree with that.  Is most information (and misinformation) you receive on a daily basis more useful in relation to your fantasies rather than your sense of reality?

I am sure that if you are interested in the same topics as me, you will be wondering how real or hyperreal your perceptions of the world have become.  If you consider yourself to be more of a fantasist than a philosopher, or other people regard you as the former rather than the latter, or you have no idea of what I am on about here, then do let Wikipedia's article about hyperreality give you a little more detail.  I cannot guarantee, however, that the article or this blog post will clarify your thoughts in any way.

Perhaps it has come to your attention, if you have ever visited the home page of Considerate Awareness Magazine, that I say that I will respond to queries within two and twelve weeks.  Some people, including yourself, may be surprised at such slowness in today's world.  "Why not make it between two and twelve hours?" you might be saying.  If you are a hyperactive hyperrealist, you may think it strange I do not respond within twelve minutes, or even within twelve seconds.

What should be the pace of life, and the pace of response, within any setting, especially a media setting?  What difference will it make if I, or you, choose not to respond to something at all?  Would the receipt of a response be an event in itself or a pseudo-event?  What is an real event?

Perhaps it will be another year or more before I write part three of this series.  In the meantime, the real world beckons.

21 February 2011

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03 January 2011

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