29 November 2013

Common Interests

How many of the following topics are of interest to you?

Philosophical adventures, spiritual awareness, moral philosophy, inner life, world peace, frugality, simplicity, quietness, silence, solitude, meditation, contemplation, solving problems, research, real life, global issues, global understanding, mutual understanding,  cultural anthropology, social anthropology, philosophical anthropology, comparative religion, sociology, philosophy of mind, consciousness, reading books, reading people, psychology, book publishing, online publishing, consulting, philosophy, humanity, justice, history, insight, innovation, critical thinking, creative thinking, knowledge, intuition, lateral thinking, conscience, creativity,  social capital, cultural capital, epistemology, integrity, generosity, leadership, mediation, freedom, democracy, good governance, open government, public policy, social awareness, social change, social justice, discernment,  accountability, ethics, mentoring, personal development, social development, community development, applied ethics, policy, planning, civics, civil society, appreciation, assumptions, thinking, abstract thinking, imagery, metaphors, guided imagery, symbolism, subtlety, self-actualization, being, perception,  happiness, people, peaceful people, thoughtful people, creative people, human needs, health, mental health, love, generosity, trust, well-being, caring, nurturing, human rights, literacy, numeracy,  political philosophy, social philosophy, philosophy of time, constitutional law, history of ideas, understanding, international relations, foreign policy, media studies, media literacy, social media, media ethics, elections, responsibility, reasoning, publishing, creative non-fiction, literary non-fiction, nature,  walking, abstract art, communication, listening, relaxation, time, peace, picnics, patience, privacy, truth.

Which ones, and why?