21 August 2014

A Sensible Summary and Constructive Critique

If you have read my book, you will already know something about my own views on what it means to have a picnic in true freedom.

You are more than welcome to send me an email with your thoughts about the book, preferably including a sensible summary and constructive critique! 

15 April 2014

Good Thinking

Is good thinking more about philosophy, psychology or health?

13 April 2014


Should dignity ever have a price?

05 January 2014

An Inward and Outward Journey of Discovery

Considerate Awareness Magazine

Take an inward
and outward
journey of discovery...
Enjoyably explore your own mind

and possibilities...

...on a gentle scroll down your screen.

There will probably be a new website for the magazine this year.  In the meantime, the public content of the current one is gradually being transferred here - with a few minor (and major!) adjustments as the process unfolds.