07 December 2015

Policies and Elections

How do you decide which policies matter most when choosing candidates in elections?

28 November 2015

New Comments

You are welcome to provide relevant, thoughtful, insightful comments on any of the previous blog posts here at the picnic.

Because there will be something very interesting happening here in 2016.

What will it involve? 
The practical expression of true freedom all around the world.

Who will be involved?
 Look into a mirror and your usual social life.

Where can you find more details? 
Look no further.  It will be here - but only if you, and members of your social networks, and their social networks, are here to provide those details.

18 November 2015

Geographical Considerations

Is it the case that people often assess the worth of an idea based on the geographical location of its originator?

26 September 2015

The Best Possible Future

What do you consider to be the best possible future for humanity? And how are you helping it to happen?

16 September 2015

The Business of Politics

Is democracy compatible with a business model?

08 September 2015

Choosing Governments

How do you decide which policies matter most when choosing governments in elections?

27 August 2015

Views and Hues

One of my interests is the way colour impacts on reasoning. 

Do you sometimes judge ideas through the hues of paper, ink, paint, pens and screens?

26 August 2015

Interesting Ideas

How should politicians define an interesting point of view?

13 August 2015


What can psychology teach that philosophy cannot, and vice versa?

05 August 2015

Thinking and Writing

Do you believe that thinking and writing require time rather than money?

03 August 2015

Wise Voters

What is the wisest way for a voter to behave during an election campaign?

26 July 2015

The Right to Know

One of the main topics of philosophy concerns the meaning of knowing, in other words the philosophy or theory of knowledge.  It is also called epistemology.

Another area of philosophy is moral philosophy.  It is also known as ethics.

My question today links these two philosophical topics:

What do you believe it means to have a right to know?

18 July 2015

Universal Worth

Do you believe there to be anything of universal worth?

05 July 2015

Democratic Possibilities

Where is the best research on the democratic possibilities of social media?

04 June 2015

A Successful Society

What are the legislative, judicial and interpersonal features of a considerate, successful society?

11 May 2015

Writing and Publication

Is writing a pastime and publication a privilege?