12 December 2016

Understanding Minds

How well do you understand your own mind?

08 November 2016

Words and Communication

How many of the problems in the world mainly the consequence of poor communication?  Can you provide a few examples?

07 October 2016

Ordinary People

What does it mean to be an "ordinary" person?

23 September 2016


How do you know the sort of person you might be?

06 September 2016

From Good Theory to Peaceful Reality

Whose writings help you to turn good theory into practical, peaceful reality, and how?

14 July 2016

Authors and Society

Who are the authors who express similar ideas to you about a good society?

06 July 2016

A Good Society

What is a good society?

28 June 2016


What does independence mean to you?

17 June 2016


What is a society?

02 June 2016

Peace and Creativity

Do you believe there is a connection between peace and creativity?  If so, how?

20 May 2016

Describing Philosophies

How would you respond if someone said to you:

 "What is considerate democracy?"

19 May 2016


What is understanding?

18 May 2016

Policy and Democracy

How do you express ways to improve policy and democracy?

11 May 2016


What is time?

14 April 2016

A Peaceful Approach to Governance

How do you contribute to a better, more peaceful approach to governance, in all sectors of societies and states?

08 March 2016

Humanity and Democracy

What is the relationship between having a sense of humanity and being truly democratic?

09 February 2016

Philosophical Refreshments

Refreshing democracy will be a major theme of this blog this year.  Many of those refreshments will be philosophical.  What do philosophical refreshments mean to you?  How would you refresh democracy?

Philosophical refreshments can help people to distinguish between the trivial, petty aspects of issues and their more important aspects.

07 January 2016

Refreshing Your Mind

There are so many philosophical challenges in life.  Sometimes such experiences can seem too overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make and people to consider.

How do you refresh your mind?

Why is it important to do so from time to time?