17 May 2019

Knowing Yourself

How do you describe yourself, and why?

19 April 2019

A Sense of Being

Is your sense of being more of a public or private nature?

29 March 2019

Approaching Important Tasks

How do you approach the task of knowing (and understanding) yourself and other people?

09 March 2019

Social Problems

How are you helping to solve social problems. Why are social problems often among the most difficult, and important, to solve?

16 February 2019

You are the Judge

This blog began exactly ten years ago as an extension of a website.

Neither this blog nor the website have received much interest from the public, and nor has the book upon which the website is based.

There are so many distractions in life. 

But is thinking about philosophical questions important in your decision-making activities?

Who am I to proclaim that what I have to say is important? 

I will let you be the judge.

01 January 2019

Appropriate Consideration

You can participate in the philosophical journey just by leaving a few thoughtful comments here. 

You may like to answer the questions I have already posed. 

You may want to give an opinion, suggest further possibilities for research, offer some mentoring, give examples, or communicate about anything else that is appropriately considerate.

Were you here in January 2010?

Even if you were not, you can still try to answer the questions posed back then.

Those questions are always likely to be relevant.