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Now that we have been introduced briefly, you may wish to view my blogger profile and/or the website I have developed as an online magazine.

Although I have studied and taught in academic environments in the past, in recent years I have sought - and found - a more relaxing and inclusive way to approach one of the most important tasks of our time, in both theory and practice:

Theoretical work on the topic of considerate awareness is part of the academic field of moral philosophy, also known as ethics.
Theoretical work on the topic of considerate democracy is part of the academic field of political philosophy. 
Practical work to raise awareness and improve democracy takes into consideration philosophy, the natural sciences, the social sciences and varying degrees of ignorance.

If you are currently contributing to considerate awareness and/or considerate democracy in any way at all, anywhere at all, please let me know either by leaving comments on this blog, or by sending a message by email.

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C A Maggi