The Picnic

If you have ever taken a philosophical journey at the speed of life and enjoyed some time in a refreshing and reflective atmosphere, or you would like to do so, then this blog is for you.

Philosophy is a word many people find somewhat intimidating.  However, they do not usually find picnics to be so.

Anyone who has read my book, Travelling at the Speed of Life, will be aware of what I mean by a picnic in true freedom.

A philosophical picnic is one in which life's most timeless and important questions can be digested in a safe, healthy and relaxing place, even in digital form.  There is no competition and no need to sound "clever".  No-one should feel intimidated on a picnic, or when thinking about philosophical issues.

I hope you will have a philosophically enjoyable digital picnic for at least a few moments every day. Visitors to my own philosophical picnics often find the experience to be both nourishing and nurturing.

Welcome from CA Maggi.

Are you ready to sample the questions?