What sort of person do you consider yourself to be? Are you interested in answering timelessly important questions?  If so, I hope you will find something worth tasting as you sample the contents of this philosophical picnic basket blog.

All I intend here is to raise awareness of considerate awareness and considerate democracy.   

I am yet to find anyone who asks the questions I do, as I do. 
How do you ask questions, and why? 

All comments displaying respect for the diversity of valid points of view will be published.
Any relevant and reasonably brief points of view are welcome contributions to this gentle, moderated Picnic in True Freedom.

If you find any of my questions of interest, or any of the responses to them of interest, or you think you have at least one interesting, universally applicable answer of your own, I would greatly appreciate an indication of your thoughts.

Thank you for being considerate and aware.

Best wishes
C A Maggi

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